Hello! A friend and I, in our senior year of high school,

Hello! A friend and I, in our senior year of high school, are working on an Engineering capstone project. We need statistics regarding FDM 3d printers. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete this fairly quick survey. The live responses can be found here (no personal data is collected): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f2N3maH3e2wnbFMiOUBPmykvhmELabI4TowUcTezNLI/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you so much!

Perfect, thank you for sharing the data publicly. We didn’t even have to ASK! <3 <3

That is the correct way to ask for help from a group like this. Good job guys. Filled out you r survey and good luck!

Awesome job! Good luck on your project!

@ThantiK @Anthony_Bourdain @Spyder_Willster haha We were a little desperate and didn’t want to infringe on any of the rules (since we’re not regulars in here) :smiley: Thank you all!

But you read them! And you followed them! You kept with the spirit of the community despite being completely new, simply because you were willing to take a moment and read. Thank YOU! You don’t know how many people don’t get this simple concept.

@ThantiK Preach brother!

@Chris_Lam Would you like input from commercial FDM systems too?

@Trimech_Kevin_Billet Though we aren’t strictly excluding them, they are not exactly our target audience. Thank you for asking though!

Thanks for sharing the results - it one of the reasons I decided to participate