Heard of this Jason Kridner   Charles Steinkuehler ?

(Drew Fustini (pdp7)) #1

Heard of this @Jason_Kridner @Charles_Steinkuehler ?
“Bela (formerly known as BeagleRT) is a hard-real-time, ultra-low latency audio and sensor environment for BeagleBone Black, which works with the BeagleBone Audio Cape or a custom “D-Box Cape” which incorporates stereo audio with in addition 8x, 16-bit, audio-rate analog inputs and outputs. It is based on the Xenomai real-time Linux extensions and uses the BeagleBone PRU subsystem to address the audio and sensor hardware.”

(Larry Fitzgerald) #2

Where can one buy/get info on the D-box Cape?

(Drew Fustini (pdp7)) #3

@Larry_Fitzgerald sorry, I’m not sure. maybe post on https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/beagleboard