Hay everyone I really need some help.

Hay everyone I really need some help.

I am in the process of building my reprap (whoop) and I have got to assembling the print surface but all the instructions I have seen tell me I need a 140mm wide piece of wood… this I do not have I only have the piece of wood shown the one covered in foil I am wondering can I get away with using this alone.

As long as the board can ride the Y axis rails you should have no problem.

Oh good thank you for the help I was worried

your heated bed if you are using one may not fit though.

Well I think I may be abl3 to re fit the base for a heat bed when it arrives but what can I print In without a heat bed if anything

You can print in PLA without a heated bed. You can try printing with ABS on a non heated bed, but it’s going to tough.

Oh awesome thanks and would I be able to use a hairdryer to heat the bed from the bottom up

If you hair dryer can get you to an evenly distributed 80 degrees C then yeah, sure go for it, otherwise it may not be worth your time. At least make sure you have some PLA on hand to print with.

I will thabks for all the help

Just print a Y carriage. I tossed my wooden bed over a year ago. I’ve got glass on heater on ABS printed carriage with linear bearings and it works great. Wood bends and warps with the humidity in the air. it is terrible for a printer.