having trouble with the chilipeppr site.

having trouble with the chilipeppr site.
when i open it up, it seems 3D viewer is on and overlays into the gcode/ widget box.
looks garbled, like its super imposed over one another.
it like that no matter if im signed in or not.
the chilipeppr logo also is blank, and there is no grid.

Can you post a screenshot?

upper left is where its super imposed.

ok figured out how to add the png file now
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Looks like you don’t have WebGL. What browser you using? Chrome is only way to go.

this is google chrome.
firefox opens fine, but google chrome…nada

You never told us what OS you were on. A full screenshot could have told a better story. What graphics card? What driver? Do other webgl sites work for you?

just got kabylake i3 windows 10.
just sent the snip of the corner of the screen that was having the funky layout.
only reason im trying chrome is cause firefox has some trouble at times running simulated gcode when its larger than 2.5 MB. crash-a-roski.
anyway, heard chrome is best as you said.
even deleted chrome and reloaded. still get the same screen.
driver updates for this kabylake i3 have been done.graphics? pretty sure this is the latest intel hd 620.

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And what about webgl on other sites?

dont know much about webgl. give me an example and ill open it.
thought firefox was a member of the webgl group so figured if it opens chilipeppr fine, then chrome should as well.
give me an example of what i could open to check in chrome.

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