Haven't got an answer, yet.

Haven’t got an answer, yet. Can I replace the 644P chip on my Sanguino with a 1284p chip without the need to replace the board (and needing to rewire everything)?
If so, where do I get the chip? Maybe even preloaded with a current Marlin Firmware?

It’s 100% electrically compatible, the only thing that could stand in your way is firmware. The last time i used a SL was mid-2011, at that time @Joe_Mosfet was still working on getting the 1284 working (if i remember correctly). When you get one, make sure you don’t end up with a 10MHz version (1284p-10pu)!

I’m running Marlin 1.0 on a 1284P because the 644P doesn’t have enough memory for the buffer required on the rostock. No changes needed, just drop a 1284p in, flash it. You’ll need the proper boards.txt though.

This sounds good. AFAIK @RepRap_Pro 's current Huxley kits use a 1248P so their firmware should work. @Sally_Bowyer could you guys sell me a 1248p (maybe preloaded with the Firmware)?

Hi Andreas, Send us through an email and we should be able to sort you out. Best wishes

email sent :slight_smile: