Has anyone used cloud based services for 3D models?..

Has anyone used cloud based services for 3D models?.. And if so any recommendations?–links?

Um what service type of “service”, Printing, file hosting, model design, model repair?

hosting and sharing - I use SketchFab and ViewShape.
repair and verification - NetFabb
printing - Shapeways, materialise and many more

thanks @Camerin_hahn and @Shachar_Weis …more along the lines of testing out 3D printing prior to buying a unit and trying the process. W would like to do 3D models of our renderings which are basically Dining areas on Cruise Ships…

We would export, order and receive the output models. Then start looking at setting up something inhouse with around 5000 euros.

I just ordered my first printer, but prior to buying a printer I used shapeways. I have heard good things about imaterialize but never tried it. On thing to remember is that those services use high end industrial printers, so they can do some crazy stuff that hobbyist can only dream of.

If you are looking for a list of online tools and resources, check out http://3dprinter.net it is not complete, but it is a good place to start. You will have no problem setting up something with 5000 euros, but you will need to decide what you want in a printer (print size, resolution, cost per print, etc).

Great advice! Thanks!