Has anyone tried Cura with their Reprap?

Has anyone tried Cura with their Reprap?

How does it compare to slic3r and Pronterface?

Cura is just a wrapper around SFACT/Skeinforge paired with a front end. SFACT+PyPy is a bit slower than Slic3r, sometimes taking many minutes to slice an object.

Can you make a blender script both slice the slices and control the device with the game engine or the GUI?

I am working on a device powered by blender,
It is still in it’s “I need help” stage
O.s.h.w.a Open_Source_Human_Walk_ Assistance

Another thing, can some one try and make a micro hydrogen plasma EDM ?

CVD diamond lithographer?

Will put that on the list.

I tried Cura/Ponterface and Skeinforge/Pronterface and Slic3r/Pronterface. All have their drawbacks and advantages. For the pieces I had print, I prefer the infill of Skeinforge because you can setup the overlap between the infill and the edges.

But to be honest, my printer seems to be inaccurate on its X axis.

@Bruno_Pettorelli Give RepetierHost a shot. Works with Marlin/Sprinter/RepetierFirmware, etc. Comes packaged with Slic3r, and can use Skeinforge all within a nice unified interface. Also gives you 3D gcode view, etc.

@ThantiK , I did it last sunday and it’s a powerfull tool. I change its Skeinforge to the last one and use the last version (0.9.8) of Slic3r to work with. Great tool with a great 3D view.

A feature in Cura I love is that you can tell it to only add support structures to the outside of a modell.

@Johan_Idstam that feature is directly inherited from Skeinforge. I’ve never had to use it, so i’m gladly giving it up for all the benefits Slic3r offers.

i use cura12, 13 version, easy to use, but details is some different to Slic3r.