Has anyone had any experience with estlcam?

(Nick Charlton) #1

Has anyone had any experience with estlcam?

(Miguel Sánchez) #2

I tested it and it seems to work nicely. It seems simpler and cheaper than cambam.There are sill some details still need to figure out but I like it.

(Nick Charlton) #3

So do you think it’s worth the money then?

(Miguel Sánchez) #4

@Nick_Charlton I think it is a competent entry-level CAM software at a very interesting price point. Definitely worth it.

(Andrew Spurgeon) #5

I did a lot of reading, and ended up with artcam express. The express version is US$150 and very easy to use, and very capable. Plugins are ridiculously expensive but I don’t need any as yet.

(Nick Charlton) #6

thank you guys! appreciate the help