Has anyone got a BB/BBB to have a minimal install,

Has anyone got a BB/BBB to have a minimal install, and boot straight to a GUI interface? I’m thinking - develop in node.js/Twitter Bootstrap, and then use node-webkit to display as a ‘native’ app. Then, express.js can serve up that same HTML to remote clients.

I’m completely new to all of this - is this possible on the default install? I think this would be a great way for people to get in to the BB/BBB.

I’m even willing to pay someone to get the basic idea going!
Not intended as a ‘plug’. I would release the code to the community; I think this would get a lot of people using the BB/BBB

My BeagleSNES project boots up into a GUI from power-on in about 10 seconds or so. While trimming down the kernel helps with the boot time, the main gains in boot speed come from using your application as the “init” process of the system. It involves manually starting some system daemons and manually mounting partitions as needed. Take a look: http://youtu.be/RMdrskg66bQ

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