Has anyone built a Prusa I3 ?  Where did you buy the parts and

Has anyone built a Prusa I3 ?
Where did you buy the parts and how much did it end up costing ?.
Are you happy with it ?
How is the Z-axis resolution ? (I have worries about threaded rods…)

Just started to build one this weekend. I printed my own parts and have been searching around for a hardware kit. I’m reasonably sure you can use most of the same hardware as an i2…? if that is the case I’m going to order hardware from http://www.mixshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=44_18&products_id=59 for $82.

That looks like more hardware than you need, $82 is a great price. Thanks for the link !

Care to print me a set of parts ? :slight_smile:

BTW, what kind of extruder are planning to install on it ?

That link is for a i2 (or even first-gen) kit - triangular frames were an amazingly bad design choice and are generally not recommended anymore. The i3 (and Mendel90) uses sheet material in the right orientations, resulting in a much simpler, accurate and rigid printer.

Yes, the link is for a I2 kit - but it contains all the parts needed to build an I3. I haven’t seen an I3 Kit yet.

@Shachar_Weis PM I’d print you some parts. I’m thinking of use a reprappro Mendel Bowden/Hotend setup b/c that is what I’m fimilar with and have the parts for http://reprappro.com/Mono_Mendel

There should be a BOM for the i3 somewhere - i’d suggest looking at shops like McMaster and just individually buying all the hardware needed.
I know, i live in the Metric World, but all fasteners and rods for a i3 / 90 shouldn’t be more than 50€ if i walk up to my local hardware store.

I live in Canada, which is officially metric, but in reality not so much :slight_smile:

I bought most of the hardware for my i3 from McMaster.com and got the frame that they sell here: http://shop.seemecnc.com/Prusa-i3-LC-Parts-w-side-supports-i3LCP.htm

Are you happy with that frame ?
Did you print the plastic parts yourself ?

The frame is great. I got my parts from a buddy, @Shane_Graber He sells them on his ebay site sometimes: http://myworld.ebay.com/sbgraber

Yep, I’m printing a set of Prusa3 i3 black parts right now actually. I was going to Ebay them but msg me if you are interested. These work with either the aluminum single_plate frame or the wood frame that @lynnroth has. You can see more photos of the wood i3 frame here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbgraber/sets/72157632513929965/. FYI http://shop.seemecnc.com/ sells the wood frame for $40 (I think).