Has anybody here worked on something similar to this?

(Cristian Martinez) #1

Has anybody here worked on something similar to this? I was hoping to work on a christmas decoration using a modified version of this but the link they have is a dead end. I dont want to reinvent the wheel is someone else has already perfected the design :slight_smile:

(Marc Miller) #2

Have a look at this code by Danny. Description sounds similar to what video shows and might get you close.

(Cristian Martinez) #3

Huh it doesnt use the fastLED library. Its the pattern i was wanting thou. Thanx :slight_smile: cant wait to try it out at home. I dont have any ws2811s at the moment thou

(Cristian Martinez) #4

I dont mean to bug @marmil but i dont see a pin number defined anywhere on the code either

(Marc Miller) #5

@Cristian_Martinez It’s probably not going to be easy. Go read all the comments under the video you linked to.

(Cristian Martinez) #6

Well i intend to use an Attiny85 to run this which runs at 8Mhz so i dont think that would be an issue. But the only compiler i know how to use is Arduino so that would be a major issue lol. Man i was so looking forward to using that pattern…

(Cristian Martinez) #7

Would you happen to know anyone here that made a similar pattern to this?

(Marc Miller) #8

That looks a lot like a single direction cylon pattern that just repeats.
Maybe modify Jeremy Williams matrix code to do Christmas colors?

(Cristian Martinez) #9

If all else fails thats the pattern ill end up using. But do you think its worth comissioning someone to write a code for the water drop pattern?

(Mike Katchmar) #10

It’s a little more than cylon as it does a little bit of accumulation at the top to grow the light brightness before the fall and then splash at the end. It would be a fun effect to learn to program with Arduino and FastLED. Also seems to have random timing between drops. Just take your time and bite off each display part one one at a time.

(Dougal Campbell) #11

If I can find a little time today, I might be able to convert Danny Havenith’s water torture animation to FastLED. I used it as one of my examples in my JavaScript LED Simulator.


(Cristian Martinez) #12

@dougal if you can do that it would be amazing! Im trying to run it on an attiny85 i have 20 of them raw without bootloaders but i can easily load one up on Arduino

(Ken White) #13

@Cristian_Martinez - Here is a sketch that contains a one way sinelon function that might assist you with the raining color effect:

You need to add a fill_solids function, a nblend function or something else to keep the pixels from going to black as in my sketch but to return to a background color.

Also for the bouncing effect sketch, you might be able to modify Daniel Willson’s BouncingBalls2014 sketch at:

to do what you want to do.

(Marc Miller) #14

@Cristian_Martinez re: “do you think its worth comissioning someone to write a code for the water drop pattern?”
That would be totally up to what you think it’s worth to you! You can send Dougal some money for his favorite beverage if he converts it. :slight_smile:

@Mike_Katchmar [Referring to the second video link] Now that I’ve had a chance to look at that on a larger screen, you are right, there’s several things going on there as it drops and that effect might have that “water pooling” at the top before dropping but a bit hard to tell at that speed. I do like the shimmering sort of look as it drops.

Go @dougal !

(Dougal Campbell) #15

@marmil I just started looking at it. Not sure how far I’ll get before I have to go pick up dinner for the family, though. :wink:

(Dougal Campbell) #16

Ugh, I had forgotten that Danny’s code uses a style that I’m not accustomed to. Now I remember why my JavaScript port of this animation came out just a little bit flaky. :grin:

Nevertheless, I’ve started on it, though I haven’t gotten far yet. I’ll try to work on it some more later this evening, but realistically I probably won’t have it working until tomorrow.

(Cristian Martinez) #17

@dougal thank you for taking the time to look into this! Are you working on the waterdrop effect or the color rain?

(Dougal Campbell) #18

@Cristian_Martinez Waterdrop.

(Cristian Martinez) #19

Awesome! Please keep us updated :slight_smile: im sure im not the only one that wants to see this thing in action

(Gibbedy G) #20

Half the fun is reinventing the wheel! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.