Guys, I'm having some terrible problems getting through a 19mm 1x4, (3/4"x3.whatever") solid wood.

(Jamie Richards) #1

Guys, I’m having some terrible problems getting through a 19mm 1x4, (3/4"x3.whatever") solid wood. it’s taking 3 passes at 17ma and one side had to be forced out. I think my mirrors are dirty.

(humor me, I’m drunk)

Getting serious now, this was done with a 38.1mm focal lens. First pic is a little charred because I slowed it down to 2mm/s and 2 passes. Second pic is 4mm/s and 3-4 passes. (totally forget if 3 or 4 because I was on the phone, will duplicate tomorrow.) 17ma is about as high as I ever want to go, but after a few passes, I would have thought the second one would be charred more.

Don, it’s safe to say my replacement tube and new power supply are working correctly.

(Stephane BUISSON) #2

38.1 focal lens and 3 - 4 passes in 19 mm material, I think you are lucky to have the job done. it’s a lot of time out of focus, and 2mm/s a good time to start a fire. but you certainly have a tube to be proud of (but for how long @17mA ?)

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #3

Wow, thickest material I have seen cut. Do be careful of fires…

(Jamie Richards) #4

It flamed up once from some excess sap I would say, but the air assist blew it out. My tube should be able to do 17mA for quite some time. I ran my original tube at 17mA all the time for cuts and after a year, it only died because I didn’t have a flow switch and the pump unknowingly got unplugged; have the switch now! Russ at RDWorks learning lab said this was possible with a 38.1 lens, so when I made an adjustable bed, I had to test it for myself. I am, to say the least, amazed. I like the 4mm/s cut, it looks much better.

(Jamie Richards) #5

It’s not cutting as good with the grain. This is at 3mm/s. Gets through against the grain with no problem.

(Jamie Richards) #6

missing/deleted image from Google+

(Jamie Richards) #7

I went in front so you could see the entry point and exit.

(James Rivera) #8

Wow! I didn’t realize a 40 watt tube could cut that thick. You’re making me want to consider buying a new lens! :nerd_face:

(Jamie Richards) #9

I think I’m driving it at 34 watts. If the power supply is putting out 20,000 volts anyway.

(Jamie Richards) #10

Russ gave a live video demonstration of the 38.1 outperforming the lenses that are supposed to cut deeper, but some still resisted it being fact.

(Jamie Richards) #11

Comparison to the 5mm wood I usually cut.

(0.45 NACL) #12

I am really curious about the angle of the kerf.

(Jamie Richards) #13

James Carpino in the facebook group has a theory: "I think the wood does some waveguiding, thought that is usually credited only in acrylic cutting. 10600nm is a large wave! And if the cut is fine enough to start, it’s going to make it pretty far down. "

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #14

@JamieR 10,600nm = .0004"

(Jamie Richards) #15

Ok. That was a direct quote from him. I never really thought about it.

(Jamie Richards) #16

Now that I think about it, it should have hit me on the width. I used to be very familiar with wavelengths. Even had a chart on the wall many years ago. I’m a HAM operator, but haven’t been on air since my house burned down awhile back. I still renew my license though, just in case I ever decide to start up again.

(Jamie Richards) #17

2 passes! Had it set for 3 and noticed it separating at 2, so I tried to pull it away and I think I caused the belt to slip because it started mid way. Weird phenomenon these 38.1 lenses.
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Timothy Rothman) #18

Yup, Russ is a treasure indeed.