Guys I would really like to ask you something.

(Spark 356) #1

Guys I would really like to ask you something.
Do you know of a printer that is bigger than a 120 by 120 by 120 mm print space but is anywhere in the range of $0 to the 300 area?
If so can you please let me know I’m hoping to expand my printer collection.

(Spark 356) #2

I can go over $300 but it’s gonna be more of a maybe thing if it is

(Edward Simpson) #3

Depends on what part of the world you are in, costs tend to vary with exchange rates, but the best option for a printer around the $300 mark is probably the Creality Ender 3, it’s a partly assembled kit that takes a couple of hours to build. Build volume is 220x220x250mm

(Sahil Jain) #4

You can get the ender 3 on amazon around 200.

(Edward Simpson) #5

@Sahil_Jain depends on if you’re in the USA or Canada

(Kevin Danger Powers) #6

I recently bought an ender 3 for just under $200 and it’s pretty nice. A lot nicer than my Anet E10.

(Alex Urban) #7

I have an xyz davinci 1.0 pro. It has 7.8x7.8x7.8 and is 350 on Amazon right now. It has a heated bed and can print pla, abs, and a few others. Reviews on it aren’t great but as long as you set it up correctly it works great.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #8

The Tronxy X5S is under $300 at

It has a built space of 330x330x400mm

(Googolplex Goku) #9

look at geeetech printers - - 250$ - you could include a e3d v6 with a small pancake stepper maybe some steel core belts and you have an awesome printer for about 300 bucks with possible print speeds of over 100mm/s

(Nate T) #10

The Creality Ender3 is around $200 and it’ll do 220x220x250, and every bit of it is open source. It’s the way I’d go if I was getting into the hobby now.

(Nate T) #11

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M that’s really too big of a printer for a first-timer. That’s a big bed to keep level.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #12

@Nate_T keeping it level isn’t that hard. I can do print after print without having to level anything.
You just have to keep your hands of the bed while the printer is off. If the motors aren’t powered, the weight of your hand can push the bed down and screw up the level.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #13

@Nate_T I recently bought an Ender 3 and it’s pretty nice. Way better quality than my Anet E10. Not that the E10 was bad but it’s just a lot nicer.

(Nate T) #14

@Kevin_Danger_Powers if I hadn’t bought a Tevo Tarantula (which I truly love) last year I would have gone for an Ender3. I like what Creality have done with that printer.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #15

@Nate_T I would highly recommend one as the print quality is top notch. Check out this test piece that’s only .75" cubed.