Guys, I think this might be a config problem so I'm bringing it here

(Chuck Comito) #1

Guys, I think this might be a config problem so I’m bringing it here first. Occasionally I’ll get this sort of skip on certain shapes and I’m not sure how to fix it. Notice in the letter A how its got breaks in it. Is this something I can adjust in the config file to help with it?


(Arthur Wolf) #2

I don’t think anything in config could cause this. I’d look in the direction of a false contact/interference in the laser control line. Ferrite ?

(Chuck Comito) #3

Interesting take @Arthur_Wolf . I’ll look into that. Currently there isn’t any ferrite core. I can add it if you think it would help? Would I simply slip a ferrite core around the laser control line and test or is there more to it than that? Thanks!

(Chuck Comito) #4

@Arthur_Wolf , do you think the #laser_module_pwm_period has anything to do with it?

(Arthur Wolf) #5

Don’t think so

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

I would tend to believe that the LPS arc’d at this point and lost power. The Open Drain configuration is pretty noise adverse in my experience. I bevel as the HVT starts to fail it randomly arcs. I am trying to prove this with my machine which from time to time I hear a crackle. Changed your coolant lately :)!

(Chuck Comito) #7

Hey @donkjr , I completely forgot about this post and started a new thread yesterday. The lps a d tube are fairly new (after market bought a couple months ago). Also, this is something I e been struggling with ever since I could remember so I also dont think it’s a coolant issue but that too is also only a couple months old.