Gutted a 3DSystems Cube3 (ekocycle is their “environmentally friendly” rebrand of the same thing).

(Ray Kholodovsky) #1

Gutted a 3DSystems Cube3 (ekocycle is their “environmentally friendly” rebrand of the same thing). Inside all the plastic shells is actually a really sturdy, all metal, with linear rails assembly. Needs a good new hotend and control board. Not sure about recasing it. Might make some new panels. For a 6inch build volume it’s so small. I own a DICE so I’m not sure I’m allowed to say this is cute.

(Stephanie A) #2

That’s actually pretty nice

(Ray Kholodovsky) #3

With the bigger Cube printers I’ve previously gutted (and have been sitting here ever since waiting to be rebuilt) I have always said that the internal build of 3DS machines is very high quality, it is the proprietary controls, software, and filament restriction that has broken them.

(Stephanie A) #4

I’m surprised how small those steppers look.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #5

Nema 17’s I thought, just not very long ones.

(Joe Spanier) #6

That’s the one that got me kicked out of their booth at imts

(Ray Kholodovsky) #7

What did you say about it again?

(Griffin Paquette) #8

@Stephanie_A they are both small and underpowered. Our Cube skipped steps like hell back in the day. Now the rails… the rails were quite nice!

(Tucker Fife) #9

I have two cube pros from 3DS that are basically unusable that I was going refurbish with new control board and hot end. Do you have any suggestions on hot ends or any other tips and tricks you picked up along the way?

(Van Morris) #10

You’ve got me intrigued… Any tips on getting it apart? I can’t quite figure what’s holding the rubber panels on

(Ray Kholodovsky) #11

The first side we took off had 2 long clips that had to be pushed, inside. There were screws also.

The second (smaller) side - look for the Phillips screws inside the rails. Those are the plastite ones. The sockets are the ones securing the rails to the metal body, leave those.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #12

@Tucker_Fife I have the larger cubes as well. I like E3D heads. I use Smoothie a lot but that’s partially because I’m a control board manufacturer, duet is also a popular choice these days.

(Tucker Fife) #13

@raykholo thanks I got a diet control board so it’s nice to hear it come recommended. Was it very hard to hook into the wiring for the hot end?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #14

Oh, we’re replacing that proprietary block with an E3D.

(Tucker Fife) #15

@raykholo oh duh you said that right there ha ha… it’s late. I’ll check them out again I think I remember looking at their website really quick. Thanks

(Ray Kholodovsky) #16

I know, I used words to attempt to convey meaning. I’m a horrible person.