Great you got RC1! But I can't get it to work with WS2811…  I

Great you got RC1! But I can’t get it to work with WS2811…
I get this error when I try to compile (I’ve only uncommented the ws2811 line and commented the lp line)
"…/clockless.h:119: undefined reference to `timer0_millis’ "
That 6 lines…

What platform are you compiling it for?

Ah - i see what’s wrong with it - replace clockless.h with this file - - i’ll packaged it up in the next RC.

Great, it works now! Thanks!

I just got the same bug w\ WS2811 on a Teensy 2.0 (not ++) - tried that clockless.h file and still got the error. What am I looking for? some sort of DEFINE for the architecture?

Where did you put the clockless.h file? I just had someone else report to me that it does work with the teensy 2.0 (as well as the original poster here) - make sure you don’t have a stale copy of the library around.

That was the original problem, I had updated the wrong copy of clockless.h - I’m up and working now.