Great news! It looks like Jonathan is okay!

Great news! It looks like Jonathan is okay!!msg/kisslicer-refugee-camp/uto6ngk-hWQ/xmvp8VlcNWYJ

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This is what Ben Malouf posted there:

Hello All,

Just wanted folks to know I tracked Jonathan down and got him on the phone this morning. He’s alive and well, just very busy and only working on KISSlicer when he finds time. He’s actually plugging away on new features involving overlapping sub-meshes and support for more extruders.

Anyhow, he said it would be fine if I passed on the good news (his aliveness). He also plans to make this group into the quasi-official support forum since his own got completely overrun by spammers.

That is all!
Ben Malouf
Helix3D / Acuity Design

I hope this is for real. KISSlicer is the best slicer and would love to se some activity on development again. :slight_smile:
But best of all Jonathan is well, that’s the best news.