GrblGru can't connect

help, I can’t connect GrblGru. Always showing “Missing Grbl Version Message @ COM …”

I’m using grbl mega 5x, and connecting fine to grbl hotwire mega software.


When establishing the USB connection I expect a normal ready message from Mega-5X. See pic below.

Which Mega-5X version are you using ?

When installing GrblGru, 2 Mega-5X bin files are copied into the installation directory.
C:\Program Files (x86)\toe\GrblGru

Please try to flash the file
into the controller. In this file the 4-axes X,Y,Z and U are already selected, which you need for the operation of your FoamCutter.

To learn how to use the FoamCutter, see the last video in the Video Gallery on my website.
The on-screen texts are unfortunately in German only, but the function should be clear.

Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions for improvement.

wish you much success

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Thanks for the help in GRBL Mega 5x github.

It solved on ver 5.1.2.

But the major problem is when load gcode file the software not drawing any patern/toolpath unlike in older version. you can see on the left is ver4.8.0 and right is ver5.1.2

I’m glad to see that it works again. :slight_smile:

I am currently restructuring some internal things in my program. Unfortunately this will take some time. After that I definitely want to continue working on the FoamCutter program. I will then also consider loading external GCode. As soon as I am so far I will report here in the forum.

Thanks also for your suggestions on Mega 5x github.

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Thanks for your hard works. Your software is really usefull. Will wait for next version.

note : I miss type on prev post. ver5.1.2 is on the left and ver4.8.0 on the right. but I think you already got it.