GrblGru 3.50 released with Inlays

Release notes V3.50

I finally managed to finish the 3rd video on how to make inlays.
At the same time I also uploaded a new release version V3.50 to my WebSite.

The video has become longer than usual.
This is because I also tried to tell a little bit about the background and possible problems.
In most internet examples about inlays, only very simple geometries are shown.
There everything always works at the push of a button. In ‘my’ reality, however, these examples never occur.
I hope by providing the necessary function and the corresponding explanations to put you in a position
to determine the necessary steps by yourselves and thus to tackle more demanding projects.
Of course this is a bit more work for the user, but it is also more fun. :slight_smile:

Suggestions and also criticism are as always welcome.

Have fun with GrblGru