GRBL-LPC Uart connection

Hi everyone,

I have a question about uart connection. I want to connect bluetooth device to control jog commands to sbase with GRBL-LPC.

I use TX0 and RX0 pins on sbase board.

in serial.c

#include "grbl.h"

#define USE_USB

#ifdef USE_USB
#include "usbSerial.h"
#include "Driver_USART.h"

When I comment “#define USE_USB”, bluetooth work but not USB. When i uncomment it USB works but not bluetooth. Is it possible to make both working?

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Cihan Alak

Welcome to the forum.

I had a quick look at the code. The use of #ifndef USE_USB throughout indicates it’s either \ or.

Besides that, you can only have one serial device connected to RX TX.


Thank you for your kind answer.

Is it possible to make both useable?

Possibly, but it would take a re-write of serial.c

Without digging too deep : Each function would need to check for a valid connection and attempt to read / write the data .