Grbl cnc

Hi every one
Wich cam CAD software I can use for grblgru 4 axis cnc generating g code

Simens nx, solid work, Artcam or other
And what prapration for oprating grblgru cnc.

Sorry, I don’t know if I understand your question correctly.
GrblGru is not a controller. GrblGru is a CAM program. It calculates the GCode and sends it to your controller (GRBL, TinyG or Mega-5X).
So far only 2D tasks (cuts, pockets, holes, chamfers, etc.) can be solved. But with the macros also programs for the 4th axis can be created. There is also a mode of operation that allows 2D geometries from DXF or SVG files to be mapped onto a cylinder.

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Thanks for replying

I want to this type of work
Is it possible to generate G code of this type of image in grblgru ?

Clear answer. No, that is not possible.
For this, 3D technology is necessary and you need a 3D model as a template for it. A 2-dimensional template (DXF or SVG) is not enough. Since it is very filigree, it will also be very complicated to manufacture this part.


Thank you
I want just carving not filigree.

If I have 3 d model like this then wich cam software is suitable?
If this model’s g code Generate from semens nx or solid work then can I run in grblgru without Eror? If yes then what kind of preparation I need?