GRBL 1.1 for servo Z axis

Hello guys, I need your help for my college project. I have a project to make a CNC Pick and Place DIY. I’m using GRBL 1.1 for move my axis. I’m using for my Z axis. By the way, I’m using NEMA 17 for my X and Y axis and servo SG90 for my Z axis. X and Y axis can move well, but for the Z it can’t move at all. I’m trying to follow the step like modify the spindle-control.c or config.h even from another source but it’s same, it can’t move at all. Can you guys help me for my project so I can finish this. I really appreciate if you all can help me. Sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much:)

I’ve done this before, but it was a while ago. Quick Google search reveals -

Good luck.

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