Got this 3 speed blower from amazon today for 50 bucks.

Got this 3 speed blower from amazon today for 50 bucks. Besides being a handy tool to have around, I thought it might make a nice upgraded blower.

That looks pretty decent. What’s it’s noise factor like? Loud or average?

I have found that the cheapest, but very effective upgrade is to replace the stock exhaust fan with a 4" inline bilge blower (used in boat engine compartments to get rid of fumes, and is only about 45-50db of noise level.). It runs off 12v DC so I used an old ATX PSU to run the blower and the 12v DC LED lights I placed around the perimeter of the inside of the work area lid. I also use the 5v DC output on the ATX PSU to run the Red dot laser pointers I installed to line up the head to the work surface. This way, I am not overloading the laser PSU with these upgrades.

@funinthefalls I like that. I was planning to use an old PSU for the same purpose (to power everything that is not stock on the system), but unfortunately I don’t have an old PSU, so I have to buy a new/2nd-hand one somewhere. But I will check out a bilge blower to see where I can find one locally. Thanks for the tip.

@funinthefalls Would you mind sharing a picture of your blower installation? Thanks

I like the bilge blower idea. I’ll try that if this doesn’t work. The one I saw on Amazon was measured in a review at 5cfm+. Though this shop vac blower on high is supposed to be 500cfm so I’m hoping for way overkill to keep the compartment smoke free!

My bilge blower moves 370 CFM. It is currently not in use because I am redoing all the duct work to make it neater. When I have it back together I will post some pictures for you Tom.

@funinthefalls , Sounds like a great blower and the installation would certainly be neater. I’ll probably still first try what I have since I’ve already got it, but do you remember the make/model of yours? With a quick search on Amazon I’ve found this 240cfm model for 40 bucks which seems ok but not as powerful:

@funinthefalls Thanks, I went ahead and ordered one on ebay to try out. They seem like a good solution for our K40s

That blower will be more than enough for your laser.

I use the same blower for my wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man :slight_smile:

@Todd_Miller , that’s a great idea… I should combine the two!

@Vince_Lee Vent the K40 exhaust out through a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man? Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Wow the $25 bilge fans on ebay really blow!
I’m amazed at how powerful it is at 12v. The thing will push itself along a smooth surface with fan power. Great find Anthony!

Any idea of how you’ll ‘plumb’ this to the K40? Doesn’t look like it has anyway to attach fittings, etc.

@Bob_Steinbeiser I cut a large hole in the bottom of the laser cutter and remounted the blower grille inside, clamping the blower sideways beneath the cutter. I have the cutter in a steamer trunk coffee table I made, so I also rearranged the rack below trunk part to make space.