Got a nice package from E3D with stuff for my printer! I ordered a

Got a nice package from E3D with stuff for my #Cerbris printer!
I ordered a pair of v5 1.75mm bowden hotends and an extra 0.3mm nozzle, but they also shipped me a NinjaFlex sample and another small surprise - a brand new E3D ███████████████ - it’s chock-full of innovative features and ███████████. █████████████████████!
Also, stickers and gummi bears FTW!

Too small to be a kraken, I’m guessing laser sintering quantum flux capacitor.

Well, it’s got a heater lead coming out of it, so that’s at least a small giveaway. It’s a hot end of sorts. It’s got a blue portion, which is typical of @Sanjay_Mortimer to include as the color for the fan shroud, so my educated guess is going to be E3D v6. I remember him mentioning that he wanted to shorten it up, so it’s about the right size.

Damn nice Hotends :wink: Really need to hook mine to one of my Makiboxes

Keep us posted… :slight_smile:

You’re such a tease!

Haribo hot end extruder? I need absolutely to order something from E3D :slight_smile:

I am liking the size difference pictured between the E3D v5 and the blurry mystery hot end.

@Sanjay_Mortimer if you need a tester for blurry objects… Let me know. :slight_smile:

i just got my E3d hotend, but if the blur is makibox compatible… ill have to order some more from E3D (whould be nice to know before i hack up my current E3D :wink:

You big tease!
My ███████████████ is still in the post: one of the problems with living on the bottom of the world. I’ve seen the pictures though, it’s a thing of beauty eh?

FedEx is still my favorite courier service, the package took just two work days to get here (one shipment from the US has even been faster than that).
I did feel kinda bad when posting this, but for now @Joshua_Rowley won’t let me show more of the ██. But I can confirm that under the pixels, it’s very pretty to look at - i mean, it’s not like E3D ever made something that wasn’t.

If that is a new hot end, the timing is great for me. I should be getting my RigidBot fairly soon (~2 months), and I might have to get two for that so I can print nylon, etc.

Why am I see redacted text?

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens some things just aren’t ready for the public eye yet.

I was expecting it to be a ███████████████ that @Joshua_Rowley told me they were working on, but it’s not, it has to be a hot end, I’m guessing shorter, which would be pretty good for a project I have in mind.

I also want to talk about the possibility of a 90 degree bowden hot end, ie filament goes in the side and out the bottom.

We actually have one of those floating around. What do you need it for??

I’m looking at my next printer being very fast and very small (100mm^3 build area and footprint not much larger). So I can take it places an print reasonably large things in less than an hour or two. I hate modelling a thing in 'scad then printing only a very tiny version of it as a demo of the technology. Looking at a H-bot design with a Z bed and laser cut wood construction.

@Nils_Hitze how do youblike your makibox. Im considering buying ine but havent seen a ton of reviews yet.