Google+ post by Vjekoslav Radišić on 2013-03-23 00:04:39 UTC

Interesting to see if ABS juice can be used though don’t think we can try that. So far, we have been using tape (different types too - a lot. Though we have see some others in the community try PVA glue mixture and also double sided tape (which we also tried to good results in avoiding warp though cleanup was a pain)

Have a couple of other idea to test with and will share if something else works ! :wink:

Plain blue painter’s tape makes a bond so strong for me that I sometimes need to remove the glass and hit it with a blowtorch to get my prints off. That’s without even using a heated bed.

@Jeff_Karpinski is dead on. PLA is pretty easy to deal with. I use acetone instead of alcohol, but for the same effect.