Google+ post by Steve Spence on 2018-09-05 14:49:40 UTC

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If you are using the Arduino development kit to program your board then these values are already defined by the pins_arduino.h for each esp variant and will be included in your code automatically, along with any other pin labels like RX TX etc.

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That’s great if your board matches what boards are listed. The Lolin esp8266 isn’t listed. Based on your comment. I searched for pins_arduino.h (I found a bunch). I went through each one and the LoLin pins match the Wemos D1 Mini. Now that I know that, I can choose that in boards, and don’t have to specify the pins. Thanks!

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@Steve_Spence Yes, it is. The LoLin-board is just their version of Nodemcu, which does exist there.

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@Nita_Vesa The Nodemcu has a built in LED I believe, where the LoLin does not. Am I correct?

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@Steve_Spence Yes, but like I said, it’s LoLin’s version of Nodemcu and not the original, official board. Pin-numbering, amount of flash and such things are the same. Though, with the LoLin-version you can use the faster QIO-mode for the flash instead of DIO.