Google+ post by Philippe Maegerman on 2015-06-11 07:03:41 UTC

(Philippe Maegerman) #1

Disco dog !! #fun

(allanGEE) #2

I wonder how cheap you could make these and sell them on consignment at local pet stores? Find pre-made grids, about 12x12 LEDs… mount them on simple pieces of fabric with velco straps…program ATtiny’s with 6 to 12 effects… run a wire up the (supplied?) leash to a ‘handle’ with a power switch and effect-select button and batteries.

Even the leash could have a strip of LED’s.


(Mike Thornbury) #3

I don’t understand why they say you can’t buy one… There’s a lot available on their kickstarter- they only sold one of the custom, $2500 ones.

(Roger Kolasinski) #4

And I soon will have a much less complicated (though not as cool and no phone interface) collar, which will be Pallet selectable, available in three sizes, and depending on end cost, will be <$75 for sure… (Micro USB chargeable, too)

(Mike Thornbury) #5

I thought about one for my cats, but they would hate it. They’re such kampung cats, they have to battle for their territory as it is, while looking out for monitors and snakes… They can’t go out looking like a city cat, no way! :slight_smile: