Google+ post by Nick Lindenmuth on 2017-01-07 10:37:47 UTC


Short bowden dual extrusion. Looks like no hotend yet but due to the size of the arm I’m guessing you’re looking to use one hotend with a Y splitter? Interesting method of attaching the extruders to the carriages with surgical tubing.

its got a E3D cyclops and a smoothieboard 5x

Ah well that works too. Any specific reason you chose delta over cartesian?

build volume to actual machine size is better with deltas, plus i think their simpler to build and maintain.

I went this route a while ago with the e3d chimera. It was such a hassle to get the offset for both exsturders right. As well as the right settings so I didn’t get blobing. You might have solved that using the cyclops. If you need a lighter and dule flying exsturder I can send you the file.

what did you come up with for the extruders? i want to add heat sinks to them.