Google+ post by Nathaniel Stenzel on 2013-07-11 14:13:46 UTC

@NathanielStenzel which model of printing all you building, The Rostock? Can you give me more information please.

Oops. I thought I posted that info. This is a Rostock Max printer from SeeMeCNC.


I am only part way through the build and there is still plenty to do before I get the printer finished.There is a top part, I did not install the electronics or heatbed or arms.

I am now almost ready to build the arms.

I have the top put on now. I have the endstops put on with one mildly damaged. It accidently got bent back. It still clicks, but the thing hangs lower than it should now. I have made my cheapskates and I have a start on the assembly that will hold the arms. The wires were really hard to put through the tiny hole in the rails AFTER putting it together. The instructions should probably be updated to say to run fishing line down them and pull through the motors BEFORE putting them on the printer.

Prepare for much more difficulty than that… I finished my kit 2 weeks ago and I’m still struggling to get it calibrated and printing well