Google+ post by Eugenio Villaverde on 2015-09-04 06:00:31 UTC

(Eugenio Villaverde) #1

New diy cnc

(Robert Ritchie) #2

Very nice indeed Eugenio. I for one can truly appreciate the work that you have put into this. Is this 2 meters by 1 meter?The vertical axis looks impressive also.

(BNTcréation) #3

Wow, very impressive work!
It look Very Heavy Duty, and precise
Congratulation Eugenio!

(Robert Ritchie) #4

@J.P_Saini Spend the money wisely once and the quality will last a lifetime. Buying a comparable machine would easily cost many times more. The plus side is that Eugenie will gain valuable experience and knowledge. Mucho bueno mi amigo Eugenie :slight_smile:

(Eugenio Villaverde) #5

Dear friend thanks for the comments!
The machine its about 1500x1000 work area and measure total its 1700x1400 i spend about 400$ in aluminium, 1000$ in X actuator
And Z actuator 450$ and guides of Y axis and block bearing about 350$ and motors is need and reducers and … Its a hole for my pocket :wink:
Again thanks for comments!

(Marco Zanti) #6

Ciao. Cose’ Esattamente ?

(Eugenio Villaverde) #7

@Marco_Zanti Ciao,Si tratta di una macchina per la registrazione e taglio quello che viene chiamato in inglese un 'cnc router "

(LMTOnsrud) #8

Nice job there!

(ömer can Inci) #9

Correct me if i am wrong but you limit your z Travel with the plate That linear guides fixed on.

(Eugenio Villaverde) #10

@omer_can_Inci yes, the upper limit its the guide lines and botton its about 120 milimeters, the plate of Y axis its 350milimeters then i have more rigid i put more photos soon… in afew days with ballscrew and bridge mount…

(Ryan Wirth) #11