Google+ post by 2nd amendment Infringed` on 2018-04-04 00:55:36 UTC

All most done

Can’t wait to add power to her

Just allittle bigger than a b44.1

What are you using for a-arm linkage thingy… It looks like it’s adjustable.

@bcrazycramer rc10 linkage and some Traxxas seems good but will see at the first run

How’s the build going?

@bcrazycramer we’ll hook the power to it 3s,axle blew off but didn’t feel like it had any balls gears still looked fine but went really slow I’m a little confused went about 15mph that’s it any suggestions maybe my esc is bad cause that much power should have melted the gears

So the motor doesn’t turn full speed or a possible issue inside the center differential case?

@bcrazycramer pretty sure it’s the esc and motor goolrc cheap diff feels nice

Re-thought some things

Truggy ran good but broke front a arms with a light crash any suggestions?