Good day everyone, I'm having the following issue. Dunno what's wrong with slicer settings.

(Tamás Farkas) #1

Good day everyone,

I’m having the following issue. Dunno what’s wrong with slicer settings.


(Mathias Dietz) #2

The app checks if there are negative coordinates used in the gcode to warn users if the gcode is not valid for the configured printer. Unfortunately this check does already apply when there is a single gcode with negative coords which people do often in the end-gcode to cleanup the nozzle (e.g. G1 E-5 X-20 Y-20 F9000)
If you have such a gcode in your start or end-gcode either replace the negative coords or just ignore the warning message (it does no harm)
I try to find a better detection check to avoid such false warnings in future releases.