gives up on overhangs pretty much around 70-75 degrees...that's good, right?

#Ingentilire gives up on overhangs pretty much around 70-75 degrees…that’s good, right? ( )

Yeah, that’s pretty awesome, actually. around 40-50 degrees is roughly where typical printers start getting bad layer lays. Note, if you configure the slicer to print from the inside vs from the outside, you can get more severe angles. Same thing if you reduce the layer height that you print at.

I’m turning the printer for .2 mm layer heights, based on rounding error avoidance. I’ll let ‘the boy’ start playing with settings after he gets his feet wet. Until then I’m trying to pick the most conservative settings that’ll bring him luck.

I turned up my perimeter shell, works wonders (.2mm, 50mm/s) but I have two filament fan to cool the print (just at the sweet spot), work on steep angles

wanhao prusa I3 ATOM 80 degrees Overhang found on #Thingiverse