Genmistu 4030 ProverXL Spindle

Need some help. My machine will begin the process of cutting then after about 1 minute, the spindle stops but the machine will continue to flow the path of the cut dragging the bit. I have tries a soft reset, complete power down and restart, restarted the computer but this did not correct the issue. I tried using both Candle and UGS but it does the something with both software.

Created in Easel
UGS G-Code Sender and Candel
Windows 10 Computer

I plan to try a design in Carveco to see if it does the something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would be looking in the gcode file for all the spindle speed commands to see if Easel generated something unusual. Well, after I checked the Console output to see if GRBL(?) threw a code or something saying why it stopped the spindle.

Thank you. as talking with my buddy who let me use the machine and he had mentioned to check the g-code also.

So I copied the G-Code and looked through it but could not find or didn’t see a spindle speed/stop code. I may have missed it but everything I looked at was G25X or G12X and so forth.

So here’s what I have determined so far. The spindle stops at about 30mm back from the front edge of the bed on the “Y” axis. Once the gantry comes back toward the front part of the bed again at about the 30mm range the spindle starts spinning again. The machine will still follow the cut lines but the spindle stops spinning when the gantry travels above the 30mm range on the “Y” axis.

Look for a intermittent broken wire in the spindle loom wire and connectors. This sounds like aa mechanical problem, and a wire that only makes contact when the loom is being twisted in a specific way is the most likely suspect.

Such problems can be hard to pin down, some skill with a multimeter (at least) is required. The easiest way to ‘test’ if it is the loom wiring is to make a temporary bypass (new) cable for the spindle, if it works then you have a dodgy wire or crimp somewhere.

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Thank you. Was beginning to suspect this to be the possibility. Gonna setup a jumper from spindle to control box and begin further troubleshooting from there.

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