Geeetech A10

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to use OrcaSlicer with my Geeetech A10 printer? I have searched everywhere but I can’t find any info on anyone doing it. I have looked through the list but Geeetech isn’t included. Any help would be much appreciated.


You can pick a Creality CR10 profile. I have a couple of Geeetech A10s and that is what I do when I cannot find the printer in a setup profile.

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Thanks for your reply. Will that work with the a10M? Do i need to change any settings? Can you connect from the pc to printer via usb or wifi and print directly? Really appreciate your reply.

Unfortunately I cannot answer the rest of your questions. Although I have looked at Orca slicer I’ve not actually used it. In the early days of it I did notice there was not a USB option but I think there is now. YouTube is your friend and please share your experience here with the rest of us.

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