GEEETECH A10 3D Printer $165.00!

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I get a page not found with your link but I searched amazon and found what looks like the same printer with the same price.


Thanks for finding it and providing the link.

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Crazy. And a similar one with a heated bed for a few bucks less!

The Geeetech has a heated bed. Ned and I own one.

Yes, prices have dropped on 3D printers again!

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That Voxelab printer is a lightning deal (which I’ve never heard of before) and has a time limit on that price. As I write this, you have about an hour and 2 minutes to get the low price of $160 before it jumps back up to $189. :slight_smile:

The Geeetech has great support and can be easily modified.

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I just received the A10 and of course they A20 goes on sale. :thinking:

I’m a little confused since the Geeetech A20 seems to be available from both Geeetech and Giantarm and the Giantarm version is ony $159.

I wish I had the extra cash for the bigger build area. Looks like there’s a fire sale in 3D printers!

Was telling a friend about the A10 and saw it was at $159 with a $10 off instant savings coupon.