Furniture Design Software


I’m looking to start doing more advanced designs. In that pursuit, I was hoping to find a software that would help me plan my designs in 3D. Any suggestions from the community on what to use? thanks


What sort of designs are you making? Out of what material? Using what fabrication process(es)?


For woodworking, I am using:

  • Fusion 360 ($$$)
  • Freecad (free)

Both have a steep learning curve [Freecad a little less] but I am leaning toward FreeCad as my primary.

If you are planning on CNC operations you need to insure Gcode post-processing compatibility with whatever machine you have.


I’ll be making a mixed bag of things. Cabinets, tables, benches, and lamps. Materials could range from wood, metal and concrete. Mostly will be done with handtools at this point. thanks for any guidance you can give.

excellent. I’ll give these both a look. I appreciate it.