Full spectrum fires all time

Hi, first say at once I am a rookie with this
I am changing full spectrum own driver to MKS DCL32.
First problem is that tube fires all the time.
I drive it via TTL point. S to L and center pin to G. Power adjustment with potentiometer.
S pin is LOW all the time
I think I didnt understand something 100% about configuring.
When printing and prog ask M3 constant or M4 dynamic, gives error that in this version it is not possible. Do I need another version?

Second question, water flow sensing, this owns sensor whitch send pulses when floatin, works 3.3 V.
Is it possible configure PROBE so that no pulses, no floating=no laser, if pulses=laser may be on?


Now laser works but I feel that $32 dont work. Used pin is now IN. L=gnd
If $30=10000 fire stays long time on when stopped I think waiting spindle stops.
Works some how normal when $30=1000 but power is only 1/4 about max.

When water flows frequensy fron floating sensor is 40 hz.

If you have $32 set to zero it will lase during moves when it shouldn’t.

This tells the software it’s a laser and there is no need to keep the spindle running between moves. It should have an effect.

If your machine has this value available it should operate correctly.

The $30 is so the software can tell the controller the correct value.

The $30 value is on the machines controller, the S-Value Max number is used to tell Lightburn… Don’t know what kind of software you use, lots of us use different software. The software setting must equal the controller setting.

$31 is minimum spindle speed and is usually zero for a laser.

Sounds like you have a flow meter, not a flow sensor… My flow meter is hall effect operated and pulses when a magnet on the impeller passes the hall sensor.

You control board won’t accept pulses as valid. Mine happens to pull the input to ground when there is water flow.

The flow switch on mine was actually a pressure sensor. When it was operating, it put enough pressure to pull the controller input to ground.

The chiller detects this so it’s no longer needed.

Might check out this thread on the Lightburn Forum.

Good luck


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Now cutting works ok. I dont understand why y direction works opposite when using arrow keys in touch screen. When it make cutting work via computer, directions are quite right…

What cooling means on touch screen , is there some pin whitch goes up/down?

Thanks for information