Fruit and chesse cnc grey scale height map pattern - AI generated

Trying to use up my off cuts so making another charcuterie board and wanted a carved design on it. I may or may not fill with epoxy depending on how it comes out.

But this is what I came up with using AI image generator and height map generator. Used 2d software to reduce noise and clean up image a little bit.

So if anyone wants to make a charcuterie board, here it is the pattern.

This is what my cnc software shows for the pattern.

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Very nice Oscar. The attached is what my CNC software shows as a machined simulation using a 1mm ball nose cutter.

Could you tell us how you generated the height map?

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Hi. That looks great.

For this one, it was 100% AI generated. You throw in a single image and it creates the depth map from it.

There is a race war between different organizations/companies to make a height map generator. Google, Adobe, Microsoft,…etc are all developing their own. The one I used was Marigold depth estimation model.

There are several other height map generators I am playing with right now.

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Board completed. Off cuts were white limba, hickory, maple, walnut, purple heart. Two coats of lacquer.

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Using up more of my off cuts so another charcuterie board.

Here is the pattern if anyone wants to carve it.

I’ll post a picture of the board as soon as it stops being super smelly. Two coats of lacquer.

Also AI generated.

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My new charcuterie board. Added another coat of lacquer for a total of 3. There were a few dull spots with 2 coats.


It’s worse than fruity, it’s cheesy! :yum:


There are no sour grapes in the crowd. :laughing:

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