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From the “If it works, it isn’t stupid” category…I picked up a 200 mm fan on a whim at my lsst trip to Microcenter. I suspect my motors are getting hot, causing the spools to expand and slip, so I threw four screws on the bottom of the fan to lift it up off the table, and set the printer on top of it. I’m a little worried about the 90 degree holes on the fan and the 120 degree design of the printer, but that’s what experimentation is for…and heck, it was a $10 experiment!

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I’ve gotta say this: You do some straaaange shit with your printer.

(Eric Lien) #3

I wired 12v fan cooled north bridge heatsinks on my extruder stepper. Only $5 at micro center. Just put a dab of epoxy thermal paste to hold it on permanently but removable if the motor even kicks out.

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@ThantiK but dude! Purple lights!

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Thanks @Shauki, I had the motor controllers cranked up thinking that’s what the layer slipping was. I’ve been sorting through a issue that ended up being a combination of two seized pullies and one (or more) slipping spools.

@Eclsnowman I plan on ducting some of the breeze to the extruder assembly, too.

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It looks like it is hovering, must look cool with the lights off.

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If your controllers are cranked passed your rated amps your motors will overheat and lose torque. I actually got better reliability turning my controllers way down and giving my motors their rated amps. The polulus will put out almost 3 amps they just won’t like it or last well

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@Mike_Miller what drivers are you using, DRV8825 or A4988?

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I managed to get everything properly lubricated and all of the motors dialed back. Everything is now stone cold under prolonged use…if it weren’t from the e3d fan constant on, it’d be a REALLY quiet piece of equipment.

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LOL, its funny I hated the noise my fans made also, so I upgraded to all silent ones from microcenter, just print a 40mm shroud for the E3D and get this fan I have the same one and you doesn’t even know it is on when full blast.

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My bad. I went back and looked at the original order…I bought this: