FreeCAD - fixing bad STL with new parts, attaching guide covers to a pipe

My wife has a software release so has been working all weekend and the kid’s reading so I put the F1 race on and fired up FreeCAD trying to fix an STL for a Makita leaf blower. It’s ugly is what’s wrong with it so I wanted to try and do a little cleanup. So I made it a solid and broke it into parts and removed the main central tube. Now I have to figure out how to add a pipe back inside and retail the slots for mating with the Makita tube.

I’ve been playing in Part wb…

Curved_Discharge_FixedwLofts.FCStd (2.3 MB)

Using the Neanderthal method. grunt grunt
Will create a mirrored part for the other side then do vertical elements and make all 4 a Compound part and cut it from the tube part. Then will create a union of the tube, 2 guides and the nozzle.

For some reason I could not combine all four rectangles into one Compound part so I made two Compound parts, one with the horizontal rectangles and one with the vertical rectangles.

The guides were beveled on the vertical axis and it’s not super clean there but should be good enough.

Curved_Discharge_FixedwLofts-Dougl.FCStd (2.5 MB)