FreeCAD and SpaceNav mouse

It was a while ago when I had my SpaceNav 3D mouse working in FreeCAD with buttons and it’s a natural feel now but for some reason my button assignments wen’t there with the latest release.

I went to set them up, only 2 buttons, but they were handy for snapping the view to Fit Window and IIRC Front View. For some reason I can’t get those options in the current Customize Space Mouse settings.

I am getting better with keyboard hotkeys so will just have to use that unless someone else knows more. These pucks are really quite nice for 3D nav.

Solution: I had to select “SpaceNavigator” as the device in the lower left of the Customizer window and then it the reset button. At that point it created 2 buttons in the left pane and when selected, a different group of options on the right appears. Plenty of options from the View menu so I was able to select “Fit All” for button 1 and Front for button 2.

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FWIW, here’s my /etc/spacenavrc file which maps and inverts axis/rotations for they feel natural to me:

# sensitivity is multiplied with every motion (1.0 normal).
sensitivity = 1.000

# separate sensitivity for rotation and translation.
sensitivity-translation = 1.000
sensitivity-rotation = 1.000

# dead zone; any motion less than this number, is discarded as noise.
dead-zone = 2

# repeat interval; non-deadzone events are repeated every so many milliseconds (-1 to disable)
repeat-interval = -1
# invert translations on some axes.
invert-trans = y

# invert rotations around some axes.
invert-rot = y

# swap translation along Y and Z axes
swap-yz = true

# serial device
#   Set this only if you have a serial device, and make sure you specify the
#   correct device file (On linux usually: /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, /dev/ttyUSB0 ... etc).
#serial = /dev/ttyS0

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