For those who use hair spray to stick prints to the bed,

For those who use hair spray to stick prints to the bed, I have tried many and this is the best so far. Not had a single lift yet. It’s like s**t to a blanket :joy:

Bit on the pricy side. Cheapest I’ve found is about £2.50, call me a tight-arse if you will, but the Blue Insette stuff for £1.50 for 500ml works really well.
Same amount as that can for a quid. 5 printers running so you can understand why I’m quibbling on cost :stuck_out_tongue:

Not tried that 1. Will give it a go. :wink:

Do you use this on just glass? What about 3M Transfer film 437P?

I’m a pretty big fan of aquanet extra super hold. Dirt cheap and works well.

@Ax_Smith-Laffin wow… arse quid lb… You should probably say penta printers… (just kidding. Love the english. Im from the states)

@Gary_Deen - Always bemuses me with the 'muricans finding British English slang amusing. Quid is no different that you calling Dollars Bucks, guess it all comes down to exposure…

Interesting topic to me… Aqua Net is not sold in Canada, though I could order it from for over $10 a can + shipping… Got2B is available here, and I have heard a single instance of Aussie (something) works pretty well too.

I’m trying to avoid having to figure this out myself, I’m no longer made of money like I used to be…

@Chris_Setla_kaptain - yeah you can’t get Aqua Net here in the UK either, or you can, but it’s damn extortionate to pick up.

Found some of this fairly cheap, so decided to sate my curiosity. Usual thick application, baked on. Tried printing a large area print in PETG and each time it warped or came loose. I’ll stick to Insette…