For my printer I need 3 Nema23 and 1 Nema17 step motors.

For my printer I need 3 Nema23 and 1 Nema17 step motors.
Does it worth to use Leadshine versus a noname stepper?

The drivers typically used for RepRap-style printers are Pololu’s A4988-based or the beefier DRV8825-based drivers. You’re likely not going to need all the torque (and current) that the motors can handle, so being limited by a DRV8825 should be fine. Stay away from other no-name ebay stepper drivers, though, they are often faulty and might end up damaging your control board.

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@Thomas_Sanladerer Do you know Toshiba drives? I am planning to use them
Additionally my question was about the motors not the drivers :slight_smile: I guess unless I use a Leadshine step motor driver I would get very little performance difference .

@Ibrahim_Kocaalioglu those are some very powerful drivers for a 3D printer. I haven’t used TB6600 drivers yet, but i suppose they are an updated version of the TB6560, which i’ve had some unpleasant experiences with.
Motor-wise, NEMA17 with around 0.5Nm is the size typically used for all axes. Leadshine is known for high-quality products, but on the motors, i don’t think it matters that much whether you get a no-name motor (e.g. Longs) or not, as long as the torque output is somewhere above 0.4Nm and the rated voltage below about 1/3 of your supply voltage.

Thanks. That was very helpful and saved me some money :slight_smile:

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