For Danial,  I have an engineering report on the Center Diff.  Thanks for the

For Danial, I have an engineering report on the Center Diff. Thanks for the new bearing mod. In order to fit the bearing races should be 2mm closer together. I solved for now with a printed washer. Also the slot that the stur gear is in should be wider about 1.8 mm .9 on ether side. The cavity where the diff housing spins need more room. Say add 1.2mm to the diameter. I dremeled it all out by hand so this one works. But if anyone else wants to use the LOSI diff it would be helpful to make these changes.
The server saver could use a little more strength. I think if you made the post thicker and of course the sleeves wider to fit it would add the stabilty needed. Also on the server saver to aid in mounting the posts the “base disk” at the bottom of the post should be wider that the sleeves to give you something to grad when tighting down the screws.
Thanks again.

Hi! Thanks for the report, i will have a look at this when i get home from vacation.