For a long time I wanted to control my ledstrip over a network (local

For a long time I wanted to control my ledstrip over a network (local wireless for example), one way to do this is via OSC (Open Sound Control). When I found out the Teensy is capable of dealing with this (via slipOSC), to send OSC messages/bundles over an usb cable I was a step closer.

Then the maker of OSCulator (software to route OSC messages and more) made a small application to connect OSCulator with a Teensy board. Thus a bridge between OSC over UDP and slipOSC.

So he sent me his first tests of this bridge, and I started fiddling around to get it working with fastspi. Now I made this basic setup to control my led strip with my computer.

So much more can be done with it, it’s just a super easy way to communicate with your teensy, now to control LEDs (WS2811 by the way)

Nice! If I remember correctly, OSC is bidirectional - do you know if his bridge will allow for messages going in the opposite direction? (I worked on a project once that used OSC to build controller apps for the iPad).

looks very interesting. Is there a public release of this serial bridge?

Yup, OSC is bidirectional, so you can read and write your digital pins.

If you drop Camille (he make’s OSCulator) an email, he will probably send you the beta. Or see this thread: