Flexible rubber 3d printer filament Wow, just ordered some to try.

Flexible rubber 3d printer filament

Wow, just ordered some to try.

Tell me how it is please

It certainly ain’t cheap.


But what is it? Kinda looks like Taulman nylon, but you’d think if it was nylon they would advertise it as such. We can probably extrude all kinds of plastics, but I wonder about fumes and clogging issues as more and more random filament sellers try to cash in.

wth - they also stock color changing filament, etc: http://3dprinterfilaments.com/Speciality-filament-1.75mm

It says its an ABS. Butadiene (the B in ABS) is a synthetic rubber, so increasing the ratio of it should make the plastic more flexible. I call BS on the animated gif, though. No way you could print a thin-walled hollow stanford bunny like that on an FDM machine without the overhangs (both internal and external) drooping like crazy.

If you look under the bunny ears you will see small overhangs. On the UP Plus you can print shell mode, so it’s do able. Cant wait!

@Whosa_whatsis Oh, how did I not see that? Ok it’s ABS. No wonder the gif doesn’t show it springing back into shape, probably delaminated in numerous places. I’m still probably gonna buy some.

Let us know how it turns out!

I could see this working on a multi-extruder setup possibly?

@Bruce_Jackson1 how are you going to integrate the glass fiber / steel wire reinforcements into the belt?

@Bruce_Jackson1 how well did the transaction go, and have you printed with it yet?