Flex3Drive G6 + MISO Multi flow - Early bird program

Hello everyone. Its sure been a while.

Here is something new which might make a difference to some of you. I Hope you like it!

This is the Flex3Drive G6 extruder + MISO (multi in single out) hotend. Now in an early bird phase.

Designed as a multi filament system in a compact assembly. Push any combination of filaments at the same time - no switcher, more mixer.

Clever machining ensures filament passes through like soft butter. Hi flow large nozzles tall layers. Image below is 0.8 nozzle extrusion test.

Designed to enable a compact quad stack arrangement. The assembly can fit on a platform as small as a kossel mini effector (shown)

Imagine turning your entry level Ender3 or CR10 or any other printer into a multi colour or multi material 3D printing beast. Imagine no more.

With a Tool Changer style machine you can have x16 filaments.

A bowden version of the same MISO heater block machined slightly differently can accommodate 8 filaments. Yes that would be 32 colours on a Tool Changing machine!

G6 + MISO vision opens a whole new roadmap. It would be great to travel it with you.

Total weight of a G6 quad stack with MISO is around the 200g mark, give or take a few differences in mounting bracket hardware.

A single G6 weighs in at 19g. Ripple fixed! Fully adjustable filament tensioner, new larger hobb and lower esteps and too much more to list here.

It took a lot of work… Will post more in a few days. Getting to this stage took literally thousands of hours in development, all self funded!

If you want to help and jump on board to take it to next level, it would be great to hear from you.

(note: MISO hotend not fully shown at this time to protect but is a thing of beauty. Development is ahead of what is shown).

Peace :pray:

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