Fix lcd location

Fix lcd location

Looking good

@Derek_Schuetz Thank you, but my night mare will be wire thing … I’m pretty sure…

@Botio_Kuo ya it is I just redid my k40 and it’s a rats nest but everything works perfectly

Great looking build sir!

@Brandon_Satterfield Hey, I haven’t got the invoice for the plate. Please sent the invoice to me so I can pay. haha

Haha, totally blanked on that. Your the man for reminding me!!!

I’m sitting here rather upset with myself right now. I’m on about the eighteenth iteration of a DIY printer kit for the site. Every time I think I actually have something new I cruise the internet for something unrelated and realize subconsciously I got the idea somewhere else. I cut your bed, didn’t even think about it, about a month ago designed this same bed. I was stealing it from Eric!!! Dang it, so hard to come up with an original idea on a 3D printer. Did the same thing on X using a linear slider, then saw a makergear printer at MRRF… doh

@Brandon_Satterfield haha… I think you just need a vacation for getting out of your desk. You may find inspirations from something funny and stupid. The original idea is not so easy to get, but it could be easier when you had some inspirations. BTW, I paid already. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Awesome advice @Botio_Kuo I also think it’s just plain and simple getting older. Used to have a new idea daily, a tweak, something. Possible over exposure, may take a day off soon. Thanks captain.

@Brandon_Satterfield How much are your beds?

Hey @Stefano_Pagani hit me up on the site through Will depend where you are for the shipping, not a standard product but happy to help guys out from the community.