First wishbone done... but I think that the two parts marked with the blue

First wishbone done… but I think that the two parts marked with the blue line are critical because it’s empty and seem’s very “fragile”. What do you think @Daniel_Noree ?


This is the new one from your zip file of course :wink:

@Pascal_POECK oh, i should have mentioned that… those parts are only for support and are to be cut off! Also notice you have to use the knife to clear the three holes where you put the shock… OK?

ok @Daniel_Noree , basically it’s a good news. Now I know that I don’t have to print this one again :smiley: But maybe a stupid question, why do you use support? I rotate the object to print it like in my picture so the support are not needed…

@Pascal_POECK To getthe best durability you need to print it standing up, hence the support. Of course you are free to do as you wish and i can supply STL´s without support but i would recommend printing them standing up!

ok got it, I’ll do that because in the same way the top surface is not so clean as I would (comparing with the bottom one which is really amazing with the glass build plate). Thank’s :wink: